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PCOS Chapter 1: What should you look for to manage PCOS/PCOD

Hello Cyster!!

How are you doing? Landing to this page signifies your first step towards PCOS management.

Relax, we are together in this. So embrace yourself, it is going to be a long roller coaster ride!

What do we know

PCOS/ PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or Disorder. Here hormones responsible to carry tasks like menstruation and the processes related to it, are not in harmony. It can happen to any woman during her menstrual age. Medical science is yet to find the exact root cause of the disorder. Doctors prescribe Oral Contraceptives to induce hormones from outside. Clearly, dependency on pills cannot lead to long term solution.

From the available research, we can say that unhealthy lifestyle and high stress levels play a big role. The common symptoms are irregular periods, thick body hair, scalp hairfall, body inflammation, body fatigue, acne, slow metabolism, weak gut and extreme mood swings.

Our Aim

By now we both know that PCOS/PCOD can never happened in a day. It took years of unhealthy eating, irregular sleep cycle and stressful events to get us here. Also this is one of those disorders which cannot have a quick fix. Unlike a seasonal flu where you just pop a pill and you are good to go. So girl! if it is gonna take time to get better, then why to panic.

Firstly, let us shift our focus from getting rid of cysts to more managed controlled symptoms. There have been cases where the cysts have reappeared even after completely disappearing. At the same time, there are cases where woman shows all the symptoms of PCOS/PCOD but the ovaries are all normal.

Please don't fall for "Cure PCOS completely" plans because let's face it, it can never be cured. We can only manage the symptoms.

So what should we really aim for? If we can gradually shift from unmanaged symptoms to controlled symptoms. If we can have all the symptoms in a controlled and managed way then what is there to worry.

For this we need to bring in sustainable changes in our lives on a daily basis. Remember all the instant changes will worn out as quickly as they came in. No point of investing the effort into something which will vanish quickly.

Understanding your approach

Thanks to the world of social media and Google, we now have tons of pages and sources to help manage PCOS. I understand, being in this grey zone of "nobody knows exactly what is happening to my body" is frustrating. So here are a few takeaways for you to plan your journey well:

  1. Every woman's body is different. So don't compare your progress with any other woman.

  2. Look for solutions which you are ready to adapt and are not emotionally traumatizing to your system. In other words, you should be happy and willing to introduce every change.

  3. Take baby steps in bringing the changes in your lifestyle and diet.

  4. The results may or may not come within a specified time. Your body has its own pace of resetting the system. So be patient and keep working.

  5. Embrace every phase of being a woman. Its a beautiful journey!

PCOS Chapter 2: Is it really possible to eliminate STRESS in PCOS?

Thank you for your time!



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