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Delhi Workshop Schedule

Each workshop is carefully designed for women to enable self discovery & healing.

Hip Harmony
  • Immerse yourself in the slow-paced & relaxing Yin Yoga focusing on releasing hip tension and enhancing flexibility.

  •  Experience a calming journey, nurturing your lower body and fostering emotional flexibility through guided meditation.

  • Bid farewell to fear and insecurity, and welcome a newfound sense of inner peace and balance.

  • Ideal for beginners to Yoga.

  • 90 min flow + 15 min discussion.

9nd June, Sunday, 11am

Fiery Calm
  • Delve into the inner fire, understanding its manifestation in body, behaviour, and emotions.

  •  Experience guided meditation, gradually calming the inner fire for balance and tranquillity.

  •  Embrace the process of allowing the fire within to be felt and seen, fostering deeper understanding and inner peace.

  • Open for all beginners to advanced practitioners.

  • 90 min flow + 15 min discussion

16th June, Sunday 11am

International Yoga Day
  • Join us for a charitable event supporting menstrual health for underprivileged women.

  • Experience a calming asana flow and pranayama practice to promote peace and equanimity.

  • Conclude with yoga nidra and sound healing, fostering relaxation and rejuvenation for all

  • Open for all women above 18 years.


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23rd June, Sunday, 11am

Darkness Discovery
  • Explore your shadow side through the practice of shadow gazing meditation.

  • Delve into emotions like shame, guilt, and pain, fostering empathy towards your wounded self.

  • Engage in movement-based meditation and gentle breathing practices to embrace every aspect of your being.

  • Limited seating is allowed for this one.

  • 90 min flow + 15 min discussion.

30th June, Sunday, 11am


Mehak is a trained Hatha Yoga teacher under Yoga Alliance USA. She has been trained from various places including Bharath Shetty's school in Mysore. Apart from this, she specialises in Prenatal & Post-natal training.

She has been actively working with women & hormonal health since 2018. 

Being a Level 1 Reiki Healer & Chakra Meditation expert, her sessions involve integrating Yogic science with inner healing.

Class Pass Charges:

All 3 sessions: 1799 INR

Any 2 sessions: 1599 INR

Any 1 session: 999 INR

The 23rd workshop is not included here.

The pass can be upgraded anytime within its validity.

Venue: Gallery Art Positive, Lado Sarai, Delhi


Nikita, Delhi

I don't think I have connected with my breath so deeply in a very long time. My brain clutter feels so relaxed now.


Gitanjali, Delhi

In each workshop, I experienced a release which was not easy. It helped me expand my being in ways that I was unaware of,


Shweta, Delhi

Very well structured & relaxing. I was able to experience the mind & body connection so well.

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