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Delhi Workshop Schedule

Each workshop is carefully designed to help you in your healing journey

4th June, 11am

Connecting with desires & pleasure. Understanding detachment through Sacral Chakra

11th June, 11am

Balancing the Tamas within. Practice Shadow gazing meditation

18th June, 11am

A free Yoga session for energize you & relax with Yoga Nidra

25th June, 11am

A Yin Yoga flow for better Gut health & releasing anxiety.


Mehak is a trained Hatha Yoga teacher under Yoga Alliance USA. She has been trained from various places including Bharath Shetty's school in Mysore. Apart from this, she specialises in Prenatal & Post-natal training.

She has been actively working with women & hormonal health since 2018. 

Being a Level 1 Reiki Healer & Chakra Meditation expert, her sessions involve integrating Yogic science with inner healing.

  • Use the power of intention to manifest.

  • No prior experience needed.

  • Learn to practice detachment with Sacral Chakra work.

  • Connect with your deepest desires.

  • Practice meditation to invite joy & bliss.

Ignite your inner Bliss

  • A movement & breathwork based workshop to release pain, trauma & anxiety from the body.

  • Understand the role of Tamas in life.

  • Ideal for people dealing with lethargy & constant fatigue.

  • Learn the connection between emotions & body.

  • Witness your dark gloomy side through Shadow gazing meditation.

From Shadow to Light

  • Practice Yoga for charity.

  • A simple Hatha Yoga flow to de-stress your whole body.

  • Energize yourself with breathwork.

  • Unburden your body with Yog Nidra.

  • Open for all adults.

Flow into Tranquility

  • A 90 minute Yin Yoga flow to relax & reset your Gut.

  • Understand the connection of your emotions & your Gut.

  • Stimulate the energy channels connected with your digestive organs.

  • Release anxiety & invite peace.

  • No prior experience needed.

Yin & Digestive Vitality


Venue: Gallery Art Positive, Lado Sarai, Delhi (see the map)

Time: 11 am to 12:30 pm

Class Pass (per adult):

  • All 3 sessions - 1499 INR

  • Any 2 sessions - 1299 INR

  • Any 1 session - 799 INR

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