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Nourishing the women in you, together...

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What is it exactly?

  • A close-knit community for healing and empowerment with maximum 10 people attending at a time.

  •  One workshop every month for 6 months.

  •  Facilitated by 2 experts who create a non-judgmental and safe space to help you release pain & trauma.

  •  Each workshop will be for 90 minutes including a Q & A session.

  • No asana practice or individual therapy done in these meetings.

Note: The workshops are not a replacement to psychological counselling or therapy. Please reach out to a professional if you need help.

Our Schedule

 Moments from Menarche 

17th Dec'23 
11 am - 12:30 pm IST

- Explore the beliefs picked up from your first period experience. - Understand the role of menarche across a menstruator's life. - Reauthor and strengthen helpful beliefs using cognitive restructuring and visualisation. - 90 minute session open for all menstruators. - Free cognitive-based worksheet

 In sync: life & menstruation 

21st Jan'24 
11 am - 12:30 pm IST

- Deepen your knowledge on the 4 phases in your period: What happens physically and psychologically? - Learn effective practices to thrive through the phases with Mehak (for PCOS & non-PCOS both). - Practice journaling for menstruation with an expert psychologist. - 90 minute session open for all menstruators. - Free toolkit to plan for the future.

 The power of the Womb 

18th Feb'24 
11 am - 12:30 pm IST

- Understand what the womb means beyond reproduction on a psychosomatic level. - Connect with the energy residing within your uterus. - Develop a deeper generational bond with your womb through Meditation. - QnA round with experts. - Learn how to include the practice in your daily life.

 Sizzling sexuality 

17th Mar'24 
11 am - 12:30 pm IST

- Learn about the pillars of a woman's sexuality. - Understand your individual sexuality in detail through guided imagery. - Embrace your likes, dislikes, fantasies and fetishes in bed (or anywhere else you would like to do it) through fun games. - QnA round with the experts. - Be a part of non-judgemental community to express freely.

 The towering trust 

21st April'24 
11 am - 12:30 pm IST

- Explore the trust in the intra personal relationship you share with yourself. - Develop a compassionate and trusting inner dialogue through Guided Meditation. - Set the intention to trust & be aware of inner wisdom. - Learn simple techniques to embrace the inner guidance in daily life. -QnA with the experts.

 Witness the Woman withi

19th May'24 
11 am - 12:30 pm IST

- Amplify the inner voice of the woman in you using pranayama. - Express the unheard through an interactive art based activity. - Zoom out to see the bigger picture of who you are as a woman. - QnA round with the experts. - Practice worksheet for reflection.

Meet the facilitators


Mehak is a trained Hatha Yoga teacher from IndeaYoga (under Bharath Shetty). She has been a practitoner since 18 years & teacher since 5 years. She has learnt under the guidance of various teachers in Rishikesh, Delhi & Mysore. Apart from this, she is a certified Prenatal & Garbha Samskara Coach.

She has been actively working with women having hormonal disorders & fertility issues since 2020. Touching the lives of 500+ women through virtual programs & offline meditation workshops in various cities of the country.


Meera is a counselling psychologist, trainer and supervisor with over 4 years of experience. She is trauma-informed & queer affirmative. She specializes in working with young and older adults in areas like self-improvement, relationships and sexuality.

She follows an eclectic approach with her clients since she believes mental health is not a one-size-fits-all experience. She has facilitated over 1,500 hours of counselling sessions, 50+ workshops, group sessions and community engagement programs.

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