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Testimonials: Testimonials

Each asana was clearly taught. I am able to breath better now.



I was initially hesitant about how the online yoga classes would be. But Mehak doesn't push or force us on doing something at a stretch. She encourages us to improve gradually.


You are absolutely fabulous! I cant say this enough. The way you reprimand us gets me cracking in between upward dogs and downward dogs. Lol. You are a brilliant teacher!

Divya palla

Loved the systemic flow of the class. Because of her guidance and motivation, I am able to perfect various asanas. my stamina for doing 10 sun salutation has increased. My strength and flexibility have increased.


The techniques taught were too good, helped me improve and hack on a few postures which I have been trying to do for years!

Garima Gupta


The classes were full of enthusiasm and post-workout feeling after classes was always very refreshing.

Prajakta Patil

The push given by Mehak was just the right amount, not too much and not too easy also. This made me be consistent with classes.

Meera Jayaprakash

The asanas, pranayam and meditation taught in the class were very amazing. The teaching style was very helpful in analysing my body in a much better way.

Survi Tikmani


Mehak is a wonderful teacher. Personal attention is given to everyone. Everything in the class, be it asana, pranayama or meditation is explained in detail.

Chaitali Doshi

She always used to explain to us whenever we went wrong anywhere, how one wrong position can hurt us.

Suruchi Dudpuri

Pulling a kilo was so damn tough for me and I always believed in high intensity workouts to shed weight. She proved me wrong. And today I am confident and enthusiastic after seeing myself a kilo down despite a torn ACL.

Monica Mohana

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