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Women's Fitness Program

The flagship program running consecutively every month since 2020 July.

This program has touched the lives of more than 300 women so far and is still healing many.

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Webinar on Women's Health

In association with Connecting Dreams Foundation Daulat Ram College, Delhi University a virtual webinar was conducted for college students struggling with PCOS symptoms. The webinar focused on educating young women about managing their PCOS symptoms. Over 100 students were a part of this virtual event.


Stress & Spine Workshop

Due to long Work From Home hours people experience back pain, neck pain, disc issues and other stress related problems. The workshop provided Yogic solution and guidance in understanding various pains in spine and changes one can adopt to healthy lifestyle changes.


COVID Recovery Program

This program aimed towards providing the aid to the recovery process in COVID. Mehak worked with the adults who were dealing with post covid symptoms like anxiety, body fatigue, headaches and breathing issues.

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