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PCOS Chapter 2: Is it possible to eliminate stress in PCOS?

"Just cut down your stress & your PCOS will go away"

If you are also one of the many cysters who have heard this statement a lot of times in your life, then you have definitely landed on the correct page.

In this chapter, we shall be talking in detail about how to cope up with stress in your PCOS Journey.

Understanding stress

Let us first understand what exactly happens inside our bodies during a stressful event.

For example, a tiger comes in front of you & is about to approach you. What shall be your response to this situation?

Yeah! you would use all the energy in your body to either fight the tiger or to run for your life. We call this "Fight or Flight response" of the body. In order to do that the body will prepare itself. The legs will get more blood supply, all unimportant tasks like digestion will be stopped, body repairing & healing will be at halt & the heart shall work harder to meet the increased demand of oxygenated blood in the body.

Well, this is exactly what happens in the body during any stressful event.

Yes! the body takes every stressful situation in the similar way as the tiger one. Preparing to "Fight or Flight."

Relation between PCOS & Stress

When it comes to PCOS, stress becomes really important aspect to work upon. Apart from daily stress, there can be can be stress present in specific parts of the body too. There can blockage in the energy due to your physical structure, some past trauma, emotional baggage or even chronic stress.

Traumatic events in the past can be any kind of harassment, sexual abuse or some experience relating to your sexuality. Such events can cause blockages in the Mooladhara Chakra.

There can be stress induced in the body to the physical structure as well. Disturbed alignment in the hip or spine, Anterior Pelvic Tilt, muscle tightness in pelvic floor can put stress on the nerves connected to the pubic area.

Managing stress in daily life

Before jumping to the techniques effective for stress management, we need accept one thing.

Stress cannot be magically eliminated from our lives.

The factors inducing stress in our lives need constant attention to keep the stress levels in control. In other words,

We are looking towards managing stress on daily basis. Affects of high stress levels are anyway not healthy for the body in long run.

Let's discuss how we can adopt simple techniques to deal with stress:

  • Practicing Yogic Breathing for 5 - 10 minutes daily. This is one of the most effective techniques to instantly reduce stress & anxiety at any point of time.

  • Practice Journaling. Jotting down your thoughts shall give you the medium to express & let your thoughts out.

  • Indulge into some physical activity. It can be a walk, practicing Yoga or anything that makes your body move. This shall help channelize the energy generated.

  • Working on postural correction through Yoga. Pelvic floor & Spinal health becomes very important to reduce the physical stress.

  • Meditation to heal & overcome from past traumas.

  • Practicing Pranayama for 10 minutes before bed. This helps in relaxing the mind better leading to a healthy sleep routine. Click here to watch the tutorial.

  • Don't hesitate to seek help from a mental health professional.

Take baby steps to work on your stress. If you were able to reduce your stress level from 10 to 5 (10 being the highest) today, then be proud of yourself. You did your bit today.

Try these techniques & let me know what worked best for you

I will see you in the next chapter.



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